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Lyric Flowers is always striving to be one step ahead of today’s changing (14) We have been able to create a friendly, ever-changing atmosphere with something new every time you come in! Noted for our product quality, value and service, we’ve built interest and curiosity throughout the community from season to season. We are constantly revitalizing the store through:

  • Fine floral designs
  • Unique giftware
  • Rotating displays throughout the store
  • Designing our displays to specific themes and colour palettes

Lyric Flowers is always striving to be one step ahead of today’s changing trends.

Finding that finishing touch with our vignettes

Come view our unique giftware, and find that special accessory that “just fits,” or create complete “vignettes” to compliment your style. Choose items from our in-store displays to help you reflect your own personality through interior design! These “vignettes” are tiny, curated style statements, made up of groups of objects that can be displayed on a shelf, a table, or elsewhere in your home. You may be creating vignettes in your home and not even realizing it! Here are some tips to perfect your styling:
gifts-and-decor (8)

  • Keep the same style or tone within pieces. It’s fine to mix modern and vintage, but make sure items belong together.
  • To avoid a cluttered appearance, give your smaller pieces some room to “breathe.” Less is definitely more here.
  • Change the heights of your items. This allows the eye to move freely, instead of scanning over the space.
  • Just as important as varying heights, changing textures also allows for a seamless vignette.
  • If your vignettes can sometimes feel a bit staged, use personal treasures like framed photos or favourite books. The most important element of interior design is allowing the personality of the owner to shine through.
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SpecialityProduct Lines

Greenleaf Fragrances

In 2015, Lyric Flowers added Greenleaf Fragrances to our exclusive line of gift products. Greenleaf brings nature home with fragrances that evoke the romance of delicate flowers, the freshness of ocean and air,gifts-and-decor (12) the vibrance of juicy citrus, and the coziness of sweet cinnamon and vanilla. The vision of Greenleaf is to create products and fragrances that embody the joy of every season.
Every fragrance is created in-house, making them unique and specifically formulated to work effectively in every product – ensuring the signature quality that customers have come to expect from Greenleaf for over 35 years.

Yo Sox Fashion Accessories

Lyric Flowers is the sole St. Marys provider of Yo Sox, a cool, trendy and comfortable sock, which is attracting the attention of both business professionals and those wanting to add a little uniqueness to their (10)

Hip socks for fashionable feet. Dress ’em up, dress ’em down & shake ’em all around.

Yo Sox carries over 300 types of unique, colourful, crazy, and cool socks for men and women! These quirky, celeb-approved socks have been spotted on the feet of heartthrobs Adrian Brody and Daniel Radcliffe!

For Tea’s Sake

For Tea’s Sake offers three distinctive hand-blended tea collections, ideal for bringing comfort and solace to the mind, body and soul. Choose from our selection of high quality loose leaf teas and tea accessories to create an incredible tea drinking experience.

Mollet’s Designer Chocolates

In 2014 we formed a collaboration with Mollet’s – a small operation, but a mighty destination for your sweet tooth. Mollet’s features cakes, pastries, mousses and chocolates handcrafted by Swiss chocolatier, Alex Mollet. This collaboration has allowed us to offer “An Evening of Elegance & Excellence,” showcasing the art of chocolate and wine pairing.