What people are saying about us and our designs

From the first day I walked in I felt welcome! Jay & Lanny are two of the friendliest, creative shop owners we are fortunate to have in our town.

Annette (St. Marys)

Without a doubt, Lyric Flowers in the town of St. Marys is a wonderful place to shop, browse, ask for advice. Lanny & Jay are so friendly and personable, it makes the whole experience, just than – an experience. They are outgoing, witty and fun, making the whole time you are there an absolute pleasure. They are a great addition to town!

Cathy (St. Marys)

Jay & Landon,
Thank you for the beautiful flowers. You sure know how to make someone feel special!

Amanda (Kitchener)

Landon & Jay,
We cannot even begin to thank you enough for the beautiful flowers. They truly did pull together the whole theme.

Jackie & Tyler (Toronto)

Thank you so much for making our day so beautiful. You both were so great to work with!

Amanda & Dave (St. Marys)

The owners of Lyric Flowers are fantastic! When you walk into their flower shop you feel like the most important person that has come through their door all day! They are welcoming and happy to see you. Their flowers are always fresh and the designs are amazing.

Louise (St. Marys)

…If I have to do it all over again I would! The flowers were perfect! Tag me so I can show everyone your amazing work!

Jessica & Luke McGuire (Toronto)

First thing you notice is a wonderful window display, next thing is the interior which is inviting and beautifully laid out. Landon & Jay are friendly, knowledgeable, and put life into the store with their smiles and enthusiasm. With the good humour, and the respect for the public, the store is a treasure to have in the community.

Diane (Avonton)

Lyric Flowers did our August 11th, 2012 wedding and they were so great with us. They made our flowers so personal. They were so nice and I couldn’t imagine doing it without them! We developed a friendship!

Whitney (St. Marys)